Rapid Evac - Employee Accountability - Ensure Everyone is Accounted for during Evacuations
  • Photo of a laptop showing where people require assistance during an evacuation
    Employee Accountability
    Evacuations happen. Ensure
    everyone is accounted for.
  • Photo of a tablet showing where people require assistance during an evacuation
    Employee Accountability
    Meet regulations and stay compliant.
    Evacuations made simple.
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    Employee Accountability
    Be prepared. Increase your level of
    care and due diligence.

Reduce Risk & Stay Compliant

The Employee Accountability System notifies you on the floor status and where help is needed. This helps you reduce risk and ensure compliance with the law, which in turn protects your company's brand & reputation.

Photo of a tablet showing where people require assistance during an evacuation

The system aligns your internal policies with your Fire Safety Plan, increasing operational efficiency & simplifying the evacuation process.

National Fire Code Section Fire Safety Plan shall include: (iv) evacuating occupants, including special provisions for persons requiring assistance.

In reality, during an emergency, those special provisions are typically the responsibility of a Building Official who is under trained & over tasked. If the designated person is not there to report to or if information collected is inaccurate people can get hurt.


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All the features you would expect from a
premium reporting system

Fire Code Compliant

Compliant with Ontario Fire Code - Section 2.8 Emergency Planning.

Peace of Mind

Know that all employees will be accounted for during building evacuations 24/7.

Communicate with Ease

Communicate easily with all employees via notifications or conference call.

Minimal Training

Built-in training mode for group or single use to get comfortable.

Real-Time Info

View real-time information online or on the phone of where assistance is needed.


Choose to have us auto-contact employees during evacuations.

Floor Plans

View floor layouts and locations of people requiring assistance.

Reduce Risk

Eliminate liability that someone is present to collect accurate reports 24/7.

Valuable Insight

See statistics of participation rates and obtain feedback via surveys.

Up-to-date Contact Info

All contact information is automatically updated at intervals of your choice.

Cost Effective

No additional hardware required and you only pay $9.95 per month/floor.

Fully Customizable

The system is fully flexible depending on your building size and manpower.

How it works
Photo of a person requesting evacuation reports

Request Reports during an evacuation

Select a location(s) & Request Reports from Floor Wardens and/or PRA.

Photo of a person submitting an evacuation report

Employee reports via phone or web

Employee reports via phone or web if they or anyone requires assistance.

Photo of a desktop showing where people require assistance during an evacuation

See where help is needed

View which floors have evacuated & where help is required.

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Why you Need Employee Accountability

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